What’s in a cup of coffee?

It’s more than flavor

  • Yes, Mead’s Corner has wonderful, great tasting coffee. However, it’s more than the flavor of our coffee that makes us who we are.

It’s global changing values

  • Mead’s Corner believes in changing the world for the better. It’s about ministering to the people around us. It’s more than sharing a cup a coffee. It’s sharing and demonstrating the love of Christ both locally and globally.

It’s fair wages

  • Mead’s Corner believes in making sure everyone involved in the production of one of our cups of coffee is paid fairly. This means we not only pay our own employees fair, but we also buy coffee from sources we know will insure everyone receives a fair wage; from the roaster to the farmer, all the way to the individual coffee harvester.

It’s environmental stewardship

  • Mead’s Corner believes God created an Earth we should take care of. This means we encourage recycling in our coffeehouse. We try our best to recycle all of our plastic, gelato cups, glass, and paper. However, it’s more than this. Mead’s Corner believes the coffee we use in our store should come from producers who believe in environmental stewardship.

It’s fair working conditions

  • Mead’s Corner believes our coffee should come from producers who treat their workers with respect and dignity. By buying fair trade and direct trade coffee, we know our coffees were produced under fair working conditions.

It’s community development

  • Mead’s Corner believes in building community. This means building a community both locally and globally. Walk into Mead’s Corner on any given day and you will see a local community made up of colleagues and friends. It’s more than local community, though. Mead’s Corner believes in helping the global community as well. By donating our profits to specific, worthwhile causes, Mead’s Corner impacts communities around the globe.

It’s social outreach

  • Mead’s Corner has a vision of reaching out to the world like no other coffeehouse has done before. By creating “social outreach” teams, we believe we can have a genuine impact on the world around us. Social outreach teams will be able to help those in need by participating in local and global projects.

It’s getting involved

  • Mead’s Corner means more than making a great cup of coffee. Mead’s Corner means impacting the world around us by getting involved. By volunteering at Mead’s Corner or joining a social outreach team, you can help us make a difference.